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This is my rant page for the most egregious littering on beaches and trails! The dog poop bag phenomena is so pronounced that it has a special page HERE -AND- I dedicated a page to hypodermic needles to track amount and locations.

California Coastal Commission:

Abandoned or lost fishing gear can entangle animals, limiting their ability to move or eat and eventually killing them. Countless animals representing over 200 different species have been killed by abandoned or lost fishing gear.

Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photo-degrade (by sunlight)—breaking down into smaller toxic pieces which eventually contaminate soils and waterways and enter the food web when animals accidentally ingest them.

Dog poop can contain E. coli bacteria, tapeworm, and other parasites and viruses, contaminating water, or allowing diseases to spread. Studies have shown that the longer dog waste sits around, the more cultured some of these bacteria, parasites, or viruses can become.

Since the California Coastal Commission started Coastal Cleanup Day in 1985, volunteers have removed at least 428,286 plastic bottles from our coast and inland shorelines. They are a blight in our shared communities, and the plastic varieties of these nuisances can break down into ever smaller pieces without ever truly biodegrading, leaching toxic chemicals and causing increasing harm to our marine environment, including our food chain.

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