The Dog Poop Bag Files

I know it’s mind-boggling but it really does happen that people leave their dog poop bags at the beach and on trails. I pick up at least 1-2 bags just about every time I do a beach cleanup. No excuse is good enough for me! I wrote about it and the growing photo gallery doesn’t lie. Oh and dog owners… go where the sun don’t shine! Most of you are too irresponsible, dumb and selfish to own dogs. Yea, I have fully earned saying that and I am being very nice.


One thought on “The Dog Poop Bag Files

  1. GAG! This is another reason people are “against” dogs on the beach. Inconsiderate owners who fail in their responsibilities. They make all dog owners seem to be skoff-laws, not just the ones who skirt the leash laws.


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