Art: New Star

Hot off the beach plastics press is my “New Star” mandala, which is 11″x11″ inches in diameter. Most of the plastics are unrecognizable but what is identifiable are single-use plastic forks and their handles, q-tip and lollipop posts, crab bait pot lid (the base cylindrical item in the center background), parts of zip ties, a cut up straw, bottle caps and safety seals from single-use water bottles. There is an item in the center that I am not sure what it is but would like to find out; I just happened to stumble across another one of these items this morning on the beach. If you know, comment below (see photo at bottom of page)! Of course the blue rope hanger for the mandala is also from the beach as well.

The plastics are collected from Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Rockaway Beach and Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, Grey Whale Cove and Montara State Beach in Montara, Pillar Point Beach, Surfer’s Beach and Dune’s Beach in Half Moon Bay.

-02.NewStar-FrontLighting copy

On the wall, hanging via beach rope.

-03.NewStar-Window copy

In the window! The round yellowish item is a lid to a crab bait pot lid. The yellowish stuff is dried up encrusting bryozoan colonies as the plastic lid had been floating around in the ocean before it landed on my art table!

-01.NewStar-BackLit copy

Back lit.


In hand for scale.


In progress…

06. In progress2.jpg

In progress…

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.15.25 PM.png

What is this? I found another one today and it’s the centerpiece of the art above.



Art: Follow Your Heart

I just finished my second beach plastics art that is 8″ x 8″. Recognizable objects include a toy key, beads, zip tie, bottle caps, rope, wire, part of a barrette, sunglass arm (temple), part of a blowing bubbles tool, washers, butterfly wing, hook and bottle safety seals — all pink! The backing is translucent fiberglass and the hanging device is kite string that I hand-weaved to make thicker – both found on the beach.

There’s much symbolism in this small work of art: Contained in the heart shape, is a tree. The tree symbolizes the “tree of life”, the color pink symbolizes passion, the toy key symbolizes “the key to one’s heart”, and the butterfly wing symbolizes transformation. The heart and tree combined, symbolizes following one’s heart and not one’s ego. Overall, the work of art is about honoring one’s unique offerings to the world that each human has and only comes to fruition if one follows their heart!

The plastics are collected from Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, Grey Whale Cove in Pacifica, Montara State Beach in Montara, Pillar Point Beach in Half Moon Bay and Surfer’s Beach in Half Moon Bay.


The art is backlit in this photo.



The workspace.



Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.57.37 PM.png

In progress…

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.55.33 PM.png

Lady Star Fire

My very first Beach Plastics art mandala is complete! The only slightly recognizable plastics are tampon applicators, bottle cap, fireworks plastics, straws, bottle cap liners, q-tip posts and rope on translucent fiberglass – probably from a boat. With that said, this seven inch diameter piece is called “Lady Star Fire”! Ugly items that once polluted beaches, are now transformed…

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.02.33 PM

Lady Star Fire Mandala, 7″x7″ diameter, 1/29/16


In the window!


Back lit.


The fiber is part of a much larger, thicker rope found on the beach.


Thus, the “star” in “Lady Star Fire”!


Incorporating beach rope.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.02.13 PM

Just beginning…

adidas to produce shoes made from marine debris

adidas and Parley concept shoe. Image source:

adidas and Parley concept shoe. Image source:

“adidas created a world first with a shoe upper made entirely of yarns and filaments reclaimed and recycled from ocean waste and illegal deep-sea gillnets.” ~Herzogenaurach

Four words: I want these shoes. Not only do they look kinda cool, they’re made from ocean debris. This is just the kind of progressive, future-forward thinking corporations need to have at this time.

My concerns are that these shoes are just merely good “save the planet” media for adidas – that the shoes are not made entirely from recycled materials and that they’d break the bank and are unaffordable. While the concept is great, my hopes that corporations really take environmentalism to heart, not just for their profit and produce products at a variety of price points so they are accessible for all.

Click here to read article on adidas Group.

Crazy news in the world but at least trash is made into art.

Jenny Odell
The Bureau of Suspended Objects

This Friday, September 18, 5-9pm, is the opening artists’ reception at Recology San Francisco. The county’s recycling company has dedicated time, space and funding for an artists in residence program. The selected artists are responsible for making art out of the garbage found there. Purty darned cool if you ask me!

Below are two more artists featured in the exhibition, starting this Friday evening at the Recology reception.

Chris Sollars

Roger Ourthiague Jr.
Weight of it All

Click here to learn more about San Francisco Recology’s Artist in Residence Program.

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