San Francisco Public Works Adopt-A-Street Program

San Francisco Public Works Adopt-A-Street ProgramThe Adopt-A-Street Program is a partnership between the City and its merchants and residents. Groups or individuals agree to adopt an area and take responsibility for keeping the street, sidewalk, and storm drain clean. In return, we provide free street cleaning supplies, and litter and compostable leaf bag pickup.

The Adopt-A-Street Program creates a cleaner, more pleasant environment for everyone who lives, works and shops in adopted areas. The program also strengthens community ties as neighbors and merchants work together to keep San Francisco clean.

The Adopt-A-Street Program began in 1998 and now has thousands of individuals, families, and merchant and neighborhood associations signed on to clean and green their sidewalks and streets.

There are two ways to get involved:

1. As an individual, you can enter into an agreement with the City to keep your sidewalk or street clean. You will receive supplies such as a broom, a rake, compostable leaf bags, trash bags, a dust pan and gloves to keep your area clean.

2. As a corporation, merchant association or neighborhood group, enter into a similar agreement, and you will receive the above-mentioned supplies. In the event that you wish to organize a community cleanup, We will help you plan the cleanup and provide additional supplies.

Remember: by law, the property owner or ground-floor tenant of the building immediately adjacent to the sidewalk is responsible for keeping it clean and free of litter and leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What type of commitment must I make?
A. Typically, individuals or groups sign up for a minimum of one block or one side of the street.

Q. How do I apply?
A. Email And download the Adopt-A-Street Application (PDF) for more information.

Q. What supplies and support will the city provide?
A. We will provide your group with brooms, rakes, dustpans, trash bags, compostable leaf bags, graffiti removal supplies, and gloves. We will collect the litter that your group picks up. In busy commercial corridors, merchants who have adopted their street can request an “Ecoblitz,” which is a specialized clean up performed by us. The group will then be responsible for maintaining that level of cleanliness.

Q. How do I dispose of the trash and leaves?
A. Call 311 for pick up. Trash bags should be left on the nearest street corner. For leaf bags, simply put them in the green cart for composting, or call 311 for pick up.

Q. How can I find out if there is an Adopt-A-Street member or group in my neighborhood?
A. Call 311 for information about people already working in your neighborhood.

Q. Can I do more than just pick up litter?
A. Yes, Adopt-A-Street members may order supplies to remove graffiti from street fixtures on their adopted area. we will provide the paint.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Adopt-A-Street Program by mail, email or phone.

Adopt-A-Street Program
Call: 311

San Francisco Public Works
Bureau of Street Environmental Services
2323 Cesar Chavez Street
San Francisco, CA 94124-1091