Art: New Star

Hot off the beach plastics press is my “New Star” mandala, which is 11″x11″ inches in diameter. Most of the plastics are unrecognizable but what is identifiable are single-use plastic forks and their handles, q-tip and lollipop posts, crab bait pot lid (the base cylindrical item in the center background), parts of zip ties, a cut up straw, bottle caps and safety seals from single-use water bottles. There is an item in the center that I am not sure what it is but would like to find out; I just happened to stumble across another one of these items this morning on the beach. If you know, comment below (see photo at bottom of page)! Of course the blue rope hanger for the mandala is also from the beach as well.

The plastics are collected from Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Rockaway Beach and Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, Grey Whale Cove and Montara State Beach in Montara, Pillar Point Beach, Surfer’s Beach and Dune’s Beach in Half Moon Bay.

-02.NewStar-FrontLighting copy

On the wall, hanging via beach rope.

-03.NewStar-Window copy

In the window! The round yellowish item is a lid to a crab bait pot lid. The yellowish stuff is dried up encrusting bryozoan colonies as the plastic lid had been floating around in the ocean before it landed on my art table!

-01.NewStar-BackLit copy

Back lit.


In hand for scale.


In progress…

06. In progress2.jpg

In progress…

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.15.25 PM.png

What is this? I found another one today and it’s the centerpiece of the art above.



Please feel free to comment!

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