Join me for beach cleanup Sunday, February 21st at Montara State Beach!

On every third Sunday from 9am – 11am, there will be a beach cleanup taking place at the beach that is nearest and dearest to me, Montara State Beach in Montara. It is located just south of the Devil’s Slide tunnels and is almost a mile long. The Pacifica Beach Coalition and I would be delighted to have you join the monthly team, meet new friends and enjoy the beauty!

It’s the first time I’m hosting a cleanup as a “Beach Captain” and looking forward to it! It will be the highest tide for a cleanup this year at 5’9″ at 9:16am. With that said, I may have volunteers focus on the bluffs and stay off the beach depending on the vigorousness of the waves.



HOURS: 9am – 11am. Join us for however long you’d like within the 9am-11am timeframe.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.18.35 PM

Meet at the unpaved parking lot across from McNee Ranch.

LOCATION: Meet at the north unpaved parking lot at Montara State Beach on HWY 1 / Cabrillo HWY across the street from McNee Ranch [GOOGLE MAP]. Do not meet at the south end where the restaurant is.

BRING: We have a limited supply of buckets, bags and gloves. However, feel free to bring your own supplies if choose to. Please wear closed toe shoes. We suggest bringing layers, sunscreen, a reusable water bottle and a snack.

The parking lot and bluffs have no incline/decline, so there is no strenuous up/down hiking. However, to get down to the beach, there are steps near the unpaved parking lot and at the south end of the beach. There is also a ravine one can hike down – however, it is muddy right now due to the recent rains.

BATHROOMS: Porta-potties are located at the south end of beach near the restaurant (they are not close to the lot where we will be meeting).

WEATHER: If is misting, we will conduct the cleanup. However, if it is raining, the cleanup will be cancelled.

SAFETY: It will be high tide during the time of the cleanup; please stay close to the bluffs or on the bluffs for cleanup. Click here for Guidebook to Beach and Waterway Cleanups by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (PDF). If the water is energetically vigorous, we will have you stay on the bluffs.

RSVP: Comment below or message me and let me know you’re coming! Since Montara State Beach cleanups are newly added to the Pacifica Beach Coalition lineup, it’s not listed in their registration system yet. You can also register through NextDoor here.

*Danger: watch waves closely due to high tide during or close to cleanup hours.

January 17 (Ebb: Low 11:14am , 0’11”)
* February 21  (Flood: High 9:16am 5’9″)
* March 20 (Flood: High 9:22am 5’2″)
April 17 (Ebb: High 8:16am 4’5″)
May 15 (Ebb: High 6:44am, 3’9″)
* June 19 (Flood: 11:51am, 4’0″)
* July 17 (Flood: High 10:49am, 4’1″)
August 21 (Mid: Low 7:12am, 0’3″)
September 18 (Mid: Low 6:02am, 0’6″)
* October 16 (Flood: High 11:02am, 6’1″)
November 20 (Ebb: Low 9:29am, 2’7″)
December 18 (Mid: Low 7:46am, 2’6″)

 Some of my favorite photos…



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