1 Beach: 336 bottle caps, 73 straws, 4 cigarette lighters

I visited a new beach to clean up yesterday and within 2.5 hours, I walked away with a very heavy bag of plastics and a paper bag full of landfill. It was Dune’s Beach in Half Moon Bay, California where you have to pay to park. I wasn’t having that so I parked up by Highway 1 and hiked in. It was the most trashy beach I’ve seen and it could be due to the storms stirring stuff up. When I got home, I was interested to see just how many bottle caps, straws and cigarette lighters I picked up so I dug through my bag and this is what happened… 🙂


336 bottle caps ~ Temporary Art

I believe the high amount of garbage is due to the recent storms picking up the plastics from all over the place and depositing on the beach. I don’t think it’s just a problem with Dune’s Beach in Half Moon Bay – it’s many beaches worldwide. There were many parts and pieces of bottle caps that I picked up that are not in the photograph.


Translucent water bottle caps are the most common. If you haven’t done so already, purchase a reusable water bottle.


73 straws!

Capris Sun straws are the most littered. Corporate responsibility please and parents, stop buying this nutrition-less high-sugared item! Single-use plastic straws need to be banned. They are used for minutes and have a slow death of hundreds of years. If we are lucky they end up in landfill, but at what point will we stop relying on landfill when humans continue to multiply? There are reusable glass and metal straws on the market.


4 lighters!

Beach Toys
This is not all of them… just the small ones.

Other Stuff

My left shoulder and arms are very sore today from hauling those bags!


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