10 ways to unpackage your life

2 thoughts on “10 ways to unpackage your life

  1. Here are an additional 10 ways:

    11. Practice borrowing and bartering (check with neighbors, libraries, peerby, craigslist, simbi)
    12. Consume experiences, not things
    13. Avoid processed food-like products
    14. Give things you have to someone else &/or to an organization (it’s a win-win, as they’ll be happy and you’ll be happy that you made someone else happy); keep doing it
    15. Do without and see it as a gain, not a sacrifice
    16. Take photos instead of making purchases
    17. Volunteer
    18. Meditate
    19. Appreciate what you have and express gratitude, instead of longing for what you don’t have
    20. Don’t keep up with any Joneses, real or imaginary

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