Manufacturing of Microbeads ending summer of 2017 in U.S.

Such great news that happened yesterday for our oceans and waterways – the banning of microbead production by summer of 2017  in the U.S.! But what I’m curious about is who was the dorkus who thought this would be a great idea to produce in the first place?! It seems that common sense slips the minds of many. I think I ended up with a tube of travel toothpaste once with microbeads and I thought to myself I best be careful to clean out my mouth well, otherwise I’m eating plastic! Strange world we have become, but at least we are making some traction in government to help protect the environment.

“President Obama signed a bill on Monday that will phase out the manufacturing of face wash, toothpaste and shampoo containing plastic microbeads by July 1, 2017, and the sale of such beauty products by July 1, 2018.

Following the footsteps of California’s historic microbead ban, the Microbead-Free Waters Act (H.R. 1321) bans all plastic microbeads from beauty products, including those made from so-called “biodegradable plastics,” most of which do not biodegrade in marine environments.”


Photo credit: 5 Gyres – Follow 5 Gyres on Twitter


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