15 Huge Ocean Conservation Victories of 2015

Finding the good… it is so easy to feel that humanity is making no traction in protecting the environment – the ocean but according to EcoWatch, there has been great movement this past year. Much gratitude for the thousands who have devoted their time in doing so!

“Overfishing, climate change, habitat destruction and pollution remain major threats to the world’s ocean. But amidst all that there is some seriously good ocean conservation news worth celebrating.

1. More than 2 million square kilometers of ocean was protected in big new marine reserves.
2. New technology is being developed to combat illegal fishing.
3. Illegal fishing boats are being chased down and caught!
4. Ocean conservation is one of the UN’s new sustainable development goals.
5. The Port State Measures Agreement is close to being ratified.
6. The ocean is getting some good ink and screen time.
7. Sustainable fishing became understood as a human rights issue.
8. Small island states are leading the way and getting support on ocean management.
9. A nonpartisan coalition is bringing ocean issues into the 2016 U.S. elections.
10. Anonymous is hacking for ocean conservation.
11. Oil companies may be giving up on drilling in the Arctic.
12. Ocean zoning continues to gain traction as a key policy approach.
13. Plastic microbeads are getting banned.
14. An end to subsidies for unsustainable fishing is gaining steam.
15. The COP 21 climate agreement mentioned the ocean.”

Full article here


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