Plastic spoon in sea turtle’s nose

Please stop using single-use plastics. This is not the first time plastics end up in sea turtles’ nostrils.

“A new video shows researchers in Costa Rica removing the plastic utensil from a wild sea turtle’s nostril, offering a vivid reminder why recycling can be a matter of life and death.

Somewhere in the world, someone threw away a plastic fork instead of recycling it. That’s not unusual, and the person probably didn’t give it much thought. But while the fork may have been forgotten, its journey was far from finished.

The fork eventually ended up in the ocean, as does about 8 million metric tons of plastic every year — including trash discarded on land as well as at sea. And then, in another sadly common occurrence, this utensil ended up torturing a sea turtle.” Complete article published 12/18/15.


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