Short trip? Oh no, not today.



Many bits of plastics found today! Click for high-resolution photo.

What I thought was going to be a short trip to the beach to do a quick cleanup for about an hour in between studying for finals, ended up taking 2.5 hours, and I barely made a dent. El Niño stormy waters pushed up an ungodly amount of garbage onto Montara State Beach in Montara, California. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was an epic outing of a lot of plastics, huge curling waves and a lot of fun sea glass to say the least!


What can I say? Environmental irresponsibility.

But there is one thing that really stood out today and that is the fact that I found four plastic tampon applicators. Please ladies, stop using split-second usage tampon applicators! I don’t know if I am more frustrated about general unconscious  consumerism, or the fact that these applicators will be in existence well past a lady’s lifetime. Both.

In other news, I make it a routine now to video tape the waves and meditate (video below). I listen to the message that comes to me and this is what I received:


Most beautiful waves, preceding the storm to roll in tomorrow.

Message from the sky (not so much the waves today), is informational balance: Make sure you find balance between staying informed about the world, while also not allowing the news throw you in a tailspin of fear. While much conspiracy theories are now conspiracy-fact, stay grounded and centered within yourself and your Higher Consciousness. What will bring healing and change to this seemingly extreme world we are all experiencing, will be your own light and love that emits from your being. Stay conscious of this throughout your days.


2 thoughts on “Short trip? Oh no, not today.

  1. Well done for your clean-up actions. I am seriously distressed by what I am learning about the plastics pollution of our oceans. I hope your blog inspires more people to not only be aware of this, but to take some personal responsibility in reducing their waste.

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