Bay Area wetlands being restored

Really happy to see this news today and just need to share!

Levee breach transforms Sears Point farmland back into wetlands

“Cooled by a stiff breeze off San Pablo Bay, about 300 supporters and partners of the Sonoma Land Trust cheered on Sunday as an excavator’s crane broke through a 140-year-old Sears Point levee, allowing saltwater to flood back over 1,000 acres of reclaimed oat hay fields at the southern tip of Sonoma County.

As the water rushed in, the crowd of government officials and others involved in the decade-old Sears Point Restoration Project threw balls of pickleweed seeds into the mud to aid the wetland’s rebirth.

It is expected to take another 25 to 30 years before the marshland’s vegetation and wildlife comes back completely, but a flock of sandpipers swept in Sunday to investigate the small levee breach, which will be widened to 285 feet.”

~The Press Democrat

“A key moment in an effort to restore nearly 1,000 acres south of Sonoma into a tidal marsh happened Sunday, Oct. 25, when a levee near Sears Point was breached, letting water flow in from San Pablo Bay for the first time in more than a century. Video by Diane Peterson / The Press Democrat.”


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