Our beaches are under siege – take action by signing petitions

Passing on the important message from Surfrider!

“Sometimes it’s hard to see, but our beaches are under siege. Consider:

  • Plastics comprise up to 90% of floating marine debris and it’s the most common type of marine litter worldwide.
  • On US coastlines, there were over 20,120 beach closings and advisories issued in one year alone! Most beach closings are issued because water monitoring detected bacteria from human and animal waste.
  • Armoring – the placement of structures like seawalls to prevent coastal erosion – is killing our sandy beaches. With 45% of Southern California’s, 43% of New Jersey’s and 30% of Puget Sound’s beaches being armored, building sandcastles could soon be a thing of the past.
  • Beach access is supposed to be a universal right. So why is 69% of Connecticut’s, 75% of Massachusetts’ and 94%(!) of Maine’s shoreline privately owned and closed to you and me?

But you can make a difference for your oceans, waves and beaches. You can be their voice.

All it takes is one simple action- your signature on any one of our petitions and letters to lawmakers will allow your voice to be heard about improving water quality, preserving our coastlines, ensuring you can access your beach and protecting our coastlines for all to enjoy.

Thank you for taking action,
The Surfrider Foundation”


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