Bay Area Adopt Beach, Trail or Street Programs

San Francisco Public Works
Program: Adopt-A-Street
Region Covered: San Francisco

San Francisco Public WorksThe Adopt-A-Street Program is a partnership between the City and its merchants and residents. Groups or individuals agree to adopt an area and take responsibility for keeping the street, sidewalk, and storm drain clean. In return, we provide free street cleaning supplies, and litter and compostable leaf bag pickup. Learn more…

Pacifica Beach Coalition
Region Covered: San Francisco Beaches
Program: Adopt Your Beach

11011702_400844466765121_4174142670055274941_nThe Pacifica Beach Coalition, in partnership with the California Coastal Commission, coordinates the Adopt-A-Beach program at six sites along the San Mateo County coast. As one of our most popular field programs, it is a great way for individuals, organizations, businesses, schools, or community groups to “take action” and engage in hands-on experiential learning that protects and preserves our beaches. Learn more…

California Coastal Commission
Region Covered: California Beaches
Program: Adopt-A-Beach

California Coastal CommissionWhen a group “adopts” a beach, they commit to cleaning it at least three times per year, although school groups can fulfill their obligation with a single cleanup. Groups are encouraged to re-adopt at the end of the year. The Adopt-A-Beach® program fosters feelings of pride and ownership as volunteers begin to care for “their” beach. Learn more…

Tri-Valley Creeks – Adopt a Creek Spot
Region Covered: Alameda County
Program: Adopt A Creek Spot

Adopt A Creek SpotTri-Valley residents and businesses are encouraged to participate in the Adopt a Creek Spot Program. Adopting a creek spot allows participants to help improve water quality and aquatic habitat in neighborhood creeks. The removal of trash and litter helps improve the aesthetic beauty of our neighborhoods, while helping reduce trash loads from the municipal storm sewer system. Learn more…

Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District
Region Covered: Alameda County
Programs: Adopt-A-Spot and Adopt-A-Creek

Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation DistrictYou can adopt a portion of a local waterway through the Flood Control District’s Adopt-a-Spot and Adopt-a-Creek programs. Adopting part of the waterway can be an extremely rewarding experience, as you take an active role in preserving our natural environment. Of course, adoption also comes with responsibilities. Learn more…

Tomales Bay Watershed Council
Region Covered: Tomales Bay, Marin County
Program: Adopt Our Watershed

Tomales Bay Watershed CouncilAdopt Our Watershed is a simple way for you to help us keep our finger on the pulse of this watershed to assess its health.  This program facilitates the participation of individuals, groups, and agencies for the important mission of providing comprehensive, year-round water quality information to resource managers and to the public. Learn more…

Bay Area Ridge Trail
Region Covered: Bay Area
Program: Adopt Your Favorite Trail

Bay Area Ridge TrailDo you have a favorite section of Ridge Trail, one you return to again and again for its iconic views, to experience nature, or for the sheer fun of riding or hiking on it? Now, you can adopt that section and put your name on it—virtually!
Learn more…


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